Green States Energy, Inc. is an independent power producer (“IPP”) whose goal is to develop, own, and operate over 100MW of clean electricity generation assets by 2017.   GSE’s common stock is listed on the Bermuda Stock Exchange (BSX) under the symbol "GSE.BH".  As an IPP, our projects are characterized by a combination of hard assets coupled with long-term contracts for the sale of product (primarily electricity and other attributes).  In addition, our solar PV power plants have very low ongoing costs for operations and maintenance, which we can subcontract out at fixed rates, as there is no fuel cost.  This results in a business model that has known revenues and known costs - and therefore predictable earnings – for the long term.  As an IPP, we are in the “downstream” sector of the market: we buy commodity products (such as solar panels), integrate them into a fully operational, utility grade power plant project and sell the output from that facility (electricity, primarily) under long-term contract.  As such, we are able to take advantage of the competition among the upstream providers, such as the more volatile solar panel manufacturers, in order to improve the economics of our power plant projects.

  • Asset-Based Business Model - Simple, “bolt on” project assets and revenue streams with contracted cash flows with creditworthy off-takers.  “Built-in” long-term service contracts.
  • Optimized Financial Architecture - GSE optimizes the capital stack of its projects to maximize shareholder returns.
  • Distributed Clean Energy Generation Focus - GSE focuses on developing clean energy projects that are small-to-mid range in order to sell electricity to mid-market utilities at local market rates for a profit, reducing development time and risk capital, and increasing incremental cash flow.
  • Geographically & Technologically Diverse - GSE diversifies its clean energy projects, and focuses on economics, state and federal incentives, local power rates, low cost land, and grid connection through its “finance first” screening model, eliminating asset concentration risk.
  • Balanced Acquisition & Development - GSE corporate strategy is to develop projects with a balanced approach of organic growth and growth through acquisitions.
  • Long-Term Contracted Revenues - All projects have long term off-take agreements with credit worthy entities such as utilities and local governments.
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