NEW JERSEY, December 30, 2013 -- Green States Energy, Inc. (BH: GSE), a leading clean energy independent power producer, announced it has acquired a 3.6MW solar PV generation project located in Shirley, MA. The project is located on land owned by the Shirley Water District.

The project was co-developed with Empower Energies, Inc. and EPG Solar, LLC. The construction of the project will be performed by S&C Electric Company and Green Earth Developers. The electricity produced by the project will be sold to the Devens Municipal Electric Utility.

Green States Energy CEO Stephen Clevett said, “This a major step forward for our company and its shareholders. We are proud to be able to serve the citizens of this fine community and look forward to being part of the infrastructure that serves the people here for years to come.”


About Green States Energy

Headquartered in Short Hills, New Jersey, Green States Energy, Inc. is an Independent Power Producer (IPP) that acquires, develops, and operates clean electric generating plants the Americas and Europe. The Company currently owns 10 operating solar PV power plants in the U.S. with a total capacity of more than 10MW, with another 7.7 MW under construction and over 100MW under development, which includes solar PV, biomass, and cogeneration/CHP projects.

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